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The Drug Defense: What To Do If You Are Charged With A Drug-Related Crime

Were you arrested because the authorities believe you were manufacturing, carrying, or selling drugs? Being convicted of such a crime is extremely serious. The types of sentences given to those who are convicted of possession will vary based on a few different factors, such as the type of drug being carried, the amount the person […]

How to Keep Your Business from Getting Slapped with Employee Lawsuits

If you’re an employer, you’re probably juggling your share of HR and financial issues on a daily basis, even without also worrying about the ongoing rise in employee lawsuits. Civil suits over wrongful termination and/or various types of discrimination can devastate even the most well-meaning businesses that fail to guard against missteps and misunderstandings. Here […]

Can You Receive Social Security Disability Payments For Lead Poisoning?

It’s no secret that ingesting or inhaling lead can cause serious health problems, such as mental retardation and organ damage. Sometimes the injuries are so severe, they make it difficult for those affected to work and earn income. It may be possible to get Social Security disability payments for lead-related impairments, through, and here’s what […]