Maintain Your Safety While Driving And Receive Assistance After An Accident

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If you recently acquired your driver's license and purchased a secondhand car to be used as your primary form of transportation to get back and forth to work, the following information will help you maintain your safety while on the road and receive assistance if you are ever involved in an automobile accident.

Have Your Vehicle Tuned Up And Prepare An Emergency Kit

If your car was not already inspected by a mechanic prior to purchasing it, call an automotive shop and make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected and tuned up. A mechanic will diagnosis any underlying problems that could put you in jeopardy while on the road and will advise you on repairs that are needed. New brake pads, wiper blades, tires, and spark plugs that are installed during a tune up will help your vehicle operate efficiently in all types of weather and will provide you with peace of mind while on the road.

Prepare an emergency kit by filling a box with jumper cables, a flashlight, handheld tools, a road map, and flares. If you break down while on the road, the items in the kit can help you repair your vehicle or alert others on the road that your car is immobile. 

Acquire Insurance And Seek Defensive Driving Classes

Visit several insurance agencies to compare rates on car insurance. After deciding upon a company to acquire a policy from, ask an insurance agent what your coverage includes so that you are reassured that you are obtaining plenty of coverage. If you are going to be on the road most days out of the year or if you plan on driving a long distance in the near future, request additional coverage so that you won't be faced with large expenses for automotive repairs that basic liability insurance won't cover.

Seek defensive driving classes that are offered in your hometown and sign up to complete a course to help you maintain your composure while on busy roadways or while driving in inclement weather. Ask your car insurance agent if you qualify for a discount if you complete a defensive driving course and update your agent on any additional driving training that you complete at a later date.

Contact Authorities And Hire An Attorney

If you are ever involved in automobile accident, the first thing that you need to do is contact the police so that they can respond to the incident in a timely manner. If you and another driver are involved in an accident, swap information about insurance and contact your insurance agency.

If the other driver refuses to wait for the police to arrive, write down a description of the driver's vehicle and their license plate number before they drive away. Hire an attorney who specializes in representing clients who have been involved in automobile accidents and follow the advise that your legal representative provides you with.