Is Your Back Hurting A Few Weeks After A Slip And Fall Accident At A Local Business? 3 Tips To Find Out If You Still Have A Case

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Slip and fall accidents often happen so fast that you might have initially brushed off a serious injury. In fact, you might have even felt embarrassed by your clumsiness on a slippery sidewalk or floor. While it is normal to just want to brush it off and move on, people often find themselves dealing with pain from a hidden injury weeks or even months later. Unfortunately, treating a personal injury can get expensive, and you may even be forced to do things that increase the strain on your daily life. Although it may seem as though too much time has passed by to take action, you may still have options. Keep in mind that time is of the essence, and use these three tips to find out if you still have the chance to file a personal injury case.

Consult With a Doctor About the Pain

Your first step is to find out if the accident could have caused your pain. For instance, some back injuries, such as a slipped disc, may not cause pain until a minor movement throws it completely off. Alternatively, the doctor may be able to tell if the injury is one that occurred around the time of the accident based upon the stages of healing. If your doctor identifies the injury as one that could have occurred from the slip and fall accident, then make sure to keep records of the diagnosis as well as your treatment plan to show to your personal injury attorney.

Find Out the Statute of Limitations 

In most states, there is a statute of limitations on personal injury claims. However, the time limit for most areas extends beyond just a couple of weeks. There is also sometimes the possibility of being able to file for an extension if too much time has elapsed. Talk to your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to avoid falling outside of the statute of limitations.

Gather Information About the Accident

At the time of the accident, you might not have gathered much information if you felt like you were perfectly fine. However, you will now need to know information such as what the conditions of the building or outdoor area were like before you fell down. You may also want to work with your lawyer to find out if there were any video cameras recording or eyewitnesses that came forward at the time. Remember that no detail is too small when it comes to proving a personal injury came from an incident that happened several weeks back.

To learn more about personal injury cases, contact a personal injury attorney in your area.