2 Reasons Police Reports Are Crucial For Your Personal Injury Case

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Sometimes when people are involved in a car accident, they feel too shaken up to call the police. After all, who wants to answer a whole bunch of extra questions after enduring a terrifying wreck? Although you might be tempted to skip the police involvement and document things on your own, officers can collect vital data that could help your lawyer later. Here are two reasons police reports are crucial for your personal injury case:

1: Officers Document Accident Conditions

When officers arrive at the scene of your accident, you might assume that they are taking simple notes about the accident address, time of day, and involved parties. However, police might make notes about other things that could be incredibly useful to your lawyer and insurance company, such as:

Because the accuracy of police reports is so important for your injury claim, it is crucial to get officers to the scene as soon as possible. The sooner police inspect the accident and document damage, the more accurate the report will be.

2: Officers Gather Information From Witnesses

If you witnessed an accident and you knew that nobody was going to bother to call the police, how likely would you be to hang around? Unfortunately, if the accident doesn't seem important to you, the details might seem less important to the people who watched it happen. However, if you take the time to call police, those witnesses might stick around, give their side of the story, and help you to form a clearer picture of what actually transpired. Also, because police officers have an air of authority and access to key information like driving records and licenses, they might have better luck getting accurate information. Here are a few things police officers might gather from witnesses:

Police officers can also take their witness interviews one step further by determining the credibility of each person. For example, if the witness was driving a car, their statements might be less credible than the next witness who was standing on the street watching the entire thing.

By understanding how important police reports are to your personal injury case, you might be able to help officers to document the appropriate information, and remain more patient during the process. For more information, contact a firm that specializes in auto accidents and personal injuries, such as Schiller, Kessler & Gomez, PLC.