Planning Parties For Labor Day? 4 Things You Should Never Do If Pulled Over For A DUI

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Summer will soon be over. That means it's time to start planning for the Labor Day parties. It's the last weekend before you have to officially say goodbye to the summer fun. If your Labor Day activities are going to involve drinking, it's best to stay off the road. First, you don't want to cause an accident that could harm you, or anyone else. Second, you don't want your summer to end with a DUI. If you do happen to get pulled over for a DUI over Labor Day weekend, it's important that you avoid doing anything that could get you into further trouble with the law. To help you avoid additional problems, here are four things you should never do when you're pulled over for a DUI:

Never Become Combative

If you've been pulled over for a suspected DUI, the last thing you want to do is become combative. You may feel frustrated, even angry, that you've been pulled over, but don't show those emotions to the officer on-the-scene. Becoming combative could result in an immediate arrest, followed by additional charges. Avoid complications. Remain cool, calm, and collected throughout the traffic stop.

Never Admit to Drinking

You may be tempted to admit to having a few drinks. Never admit to drinking, even if the officer can smell alcohol on your breath. Admitting to having "one beer" could come back to bite you when your breathalyzer test shows a higher concentration of alcohol in your system. If the officer asks if you've been drinking, tell the truth, but don't volunteer a specific quantity of consumption.

Never Plead Guilty

Whether you fail the field sobriety test, or your blood comes back positive for drugs and alcohol, never plead guilty to a DUI. The test might not have been administered properly. Not only that, but there may be other reasons why the results and the arrest could be thrown out of court. You don't want to plead guilty to something that you don't have to. Always plead not guilty, and let it play out in court.

Never Represent Yourself

If you're charged with a DUI, never represent yourself. This is a big one, especially with a DUI. As stated above, there may be reasons why the field sobriety test or the entire case could be thrown out of court. Unfortunately, you might not know that, which is why you need to have an attorney. As soon as you're arrested, and charged with a DUI, you need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer.