How To Fight Your Red Light Camera Ticket

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Getting a ticket from a red light camera is extremely frustrating. You might have felt like your driving was justified and not dangerous. Other people may have also kept going, or you might have just barely been behind the line when the camera flashed. In any case, it may be possible to fight a red light ticket. 

Look at the Photos

In order to get charged with a red light violation, the state must have a clear picture of you as the driver. If someone else was driving, the ticket doesn't count. If the photo is blurry and you can't clearly identify your full face, the ticket is invalid. You can usually request to see the photos captured by the red light camera online before paying your ticket. If they didn't get a picture of you, start an appeal. 

Evaluate Your Laws

Some states have additional laws governing red light cameras. For instance, your state may need to present the red light violation to you personally (either in person or by certified mail) for it to be valid. Look at your laws, or have a traffic law specialist do it. You might find a reason to get your ticket dismissed. 

Consider Getting a Lawyer

If you decide to appeal, you may want to contact a traffic law adviser. The penalties for a red light violation can be steep; they may include hundreds of dollars in fines, points on your driving record, and increased insurance rates. Thus, the small fee of a lawyer is worth it. You get one chance to appeal to the state, and this should be done as professionally and completely as possible so that you stand the best chance of getting your ticket dismissed. 

In some instances, you may need to go to court. For instance, if you have evidence that goes contrary to the red light camera, you could benefit from a court appearance. If there were special circumstances when you ran the red light, these are best argued in court. And you're better off bringing a lawyer along because they understand how these cases work and what arguments are likely to hold weight in a judge's eyes. 

The goal of laws like red lights is to protect people, which is is why it can seem unjust to get a red light violation on a technicality. Consult a good lawyer, and you may not have to worry about fines or other penalties.