3 Tips That Can Help If Your Social Security Disability Claim Is Turned Down

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Did you recently get turned down for your Social Security disability claim? If so, you are obviously going to be upset, but don't despair. An appeals process is available to you and it is possible to turn things around if you play your cards right. Here are three tips that can help you after getting your initial Social Security disability claim turned down.

Contact an Attorney

If you filed your first claim entirely on your own with no legal help, that was your first mistake. A seasoned Social Security disability attorney will be able to double check your paperwork for starters, as even one mistake or misprint could end up getting you denied. From there, he or she can walk you through the rest of the process.

Appeal Online - Unless Your Lawyer Has Other Ideas

Typically, the SSA prefers that you use their Appeal Request internet form located at SSA.gov There are several other forms you might have to fill out depending on your situation ,and your lawyer can steer you towards the right ones. The first level for appeal is usually a "Request for Reconsideration," but that is sent to the same agency that denied you the first time. From there, you might get your case heard by an administrative judge or the appeals council, or you could go all the way to district court.

All of that said, your lawyer might have a better idea. Sometimes just a simple phone call or letter from an attorney is enough to get the SSA to look over your claim again. You should still fill out all applicable paperwork, but the point is, having an attorney might be able to get you some immediate attention, so follow along with what your legal counsel wants to do.

Pad Your Documentation

Documentation is the SSA's favorite thing in the entire world when it comes to approving claims. But it can't just be a statement from your spouse or a family member. You need official medical records or expert testimony from a medical professional. If your current application is a little lacking, your lawyer can help you find another expert or two to add to your documentation.

If your Social Security disability claim gets turned down, take a deep breath. This is only the first step and you have multiple avenues of recourse available to you for appeal. For best results, contact a Social Security disability attorney today for more information.