Ways A Tax Attorney Can Help You If You Owe Back Taxes

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When you owe money to a creditor that you cannot pay, that creditor might call often, send letters, and even text you or send emails to you about the debt you owe. Being in this position is never a good thing, especially if you owe a lot of money you cannot repay, and especially if you owe the money to the IRS. Owing back taxes to the IRS is one of the worst situations to be in, as the IRS has more authority and means to collect money than regular creditors. If you are in this position, a tax attorney might be able to help in the following ways.

Evaluate the Debt

The first thing an attorney will do for you is to evaluate the tax debt you owe to ensure that you really owe this money. There is a chance that the attorney might find that you really do not owe the amount the IRS says you owe. If this is the case, the attorney could fix the problem.

Communicate with the IRS for You

Secondly, when you hire a tax lawyer, he or she will take over all communications with the IRS so that you do not have to speak to them. The IRS is not easy to deal with. They can be pushy, and they have more power than other agencies. If you are intimidated talking to the IRS, hire a lawyer and let him or her do the talking for you.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Even if the lawyer finds that you really do owe the money the IRS is trying to collect, there is still a good chance that the lawyer will be able to negotiate with the IRS over the amount you must repay. There is a chance that the lawyer will be able to work out a deal that allows you to settle the bill for a lot less than what you owe. You might end up only having to repay half the debt, or you might be able to settle for much less than this.

Stop Wage Garnishment

Additionally, if the IRS is currently garnishing your wages for the debt you owe, your lawyer might be able to get this stopped. Wage garnishment is not easy to stop, especially if the IRS is the entity that is doing the garnishing, but a lawyer might be able to get this done for you.

A tax attorney specializes in helping people deal with the IRS when they owe money for back taxes. If you do not know what to do and feel overwhelmed about this debt you owe, contact a tax attorney today.