How Mediation Helps Divorcing Spouses and Their Children

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Going through a divorce when there are kids involved can be difficult for a family. The parents, children, and even extended family and friends may suffer and be affected, and this is why many people choose to mediate divorce instead.

A mediation between the spouses who are ready to divorce can be one of the easiest ways to get divorced and can help make the legal process and emotional strain less draining. Here are some things to discuss with a divorce attorney if you think you and your spouse could manage a mediated divorce.

Faster Divorce Process

If you and your spouse can agree on how you want to split up the money, assets, and time with the kids, you don't have to spend multiple days in court. You don't have to pay different lawyers to go back and forth.

Instead, the two of you sit down with the mediating family lawyer and figure it all out. The lawyer draws up the papers, they go to the judge for approval, and the divorce gets finalized. This can save you months on the divorce process.

Significant Money Savings

There are many financial benefits to a mediation. Every time you meet with a lawyer, talk with them on the phone, have them prepare documents, and need them in court, you are charged. With a mediation, you are working together and quickly so you aren't getting billed from two different lawyers for mailing paperwork, hours of labor, and more.

This means the two of you are able to save money together, and you will know how the financial aspect of the divorce will affect you quickly. Divorce can drain you if you don't work together, but if you are able to mediate, that is often thousands of dollars you can keep to split between the two of you.

If the two of you can work to get through the mediation and divorce process, this also shows your children that you are committed to moving forward and working together. Your kids likely don't want to see or hear you talk about fighting with your spouse in the courtroom, arguing about money or material things, or even fighting over them.

That can leave the children with a lot of guilt and stress, and you probably don't want to put that burden on them. If you want to get divorced and so does your spouse, and you think you both can do it amicably, find a mediation professional right away.