Filed A Worker's Compensation Claim? Signs You Need An Attorney

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Applying for and being approved to receive worker's compensation coverage can be a big help. When you're hurt on the job and are so injured that it's impossible for you to do your duties, it's great to have enough financial assistance through worker's compensation insurance to cover your expenses. However, actually being granted the coverage may not be as easy as you thought it would be. If your worker's compensation claim seems to have fallen through the cracks, check out how you'll know when to hire an attorney.

Your Worker's Compensation Claim Was Denied

If you've already received a denial for your worker's compensation claim, you may be at a loss for what to do. If you know that you need the compensation for your medical bills or time lost at work, you will want to appeal the decision. You can file an appeal to have the decision reversed but you will want to talk with an attorney beforehand. There could be missing information in your initial claim which led to the denial. A worker's compensation lawyer can review your original claim to see what needs to be changed, omitted, or added so that you can hopefully receive a more favorable outcome when you submit your appeal. 

Your Employer Is Delaying Your Claim

There are a number of steps your employer must take when you file a worker's comp claim. There may be a hearing to verify the details of the case or the employer will need to fill out a separation report to confirm what happened. All of this is necessary in order for a claim to be pushed through. If your supervisor or manager is not keeping up with these important details, it could delay your case and your compensation.

Hiring an attorney who is willing to apply the appropriate amount of pressure could be just what is needed to bring your claim to light once again. A lawyer is a wonderful third party in your workers' compensation case, as they can negotiate with your employer so you do not have to. You may feel uncomfortable confronting your employer directly if your claim has been delayed, but that is what your lawyer is there for.

Your finances won't wait and neither should you. If you are currently in any of the situations listed above or would like to discuss more information with a workers' compensation attorney, contact a local law practice.