Can A DUI Lawyer Help You Save Your Driver's License?

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One of the first things that happens after being charged for a DUI is a driver's license suspension. Most states have rules that require a suspension after a DUI, and they have these rules to keep the roads safe. If you get a DUI, you can expect this to happen to you, but this does not mean that you will lose your license permanently. If you hire a lawyer for help, you might be able to get your driving privileges back sooner. Here are several things to know about saving your driver's license after a DUI.

Why an Immediate Suspension Occurs

When the police catch someone driving under the influence, they might impound their car, take them to jail, and file DUI charges against them. When the court receives the DUI charge, they will notify the DMV, and the DMV will instantly suspend the person's driver's license. This process is normal, and you should expect it if you get a DUI. The legal system needs to protect other drivers, and they aim to do this by revoking someone's driving privileges.

Your Criminal Record Affects the Outcome

One vital thing to consider when facing a DUI charge is your criminal record. Your criminal record contains a list of all your previous convictions. If you do not have any prior convictions, you will have a better chance of getting your driver's license back sooner. If you have priors, especially other DUI charges, you might face some steep challenges when getting your driving privileges back. Courts view second or third DUI charges as habitual offenses.

Ways to Get Your License Back Faster

If you really want your driver's license back faster after your DUI charge, you might want to do a few things. First, make sure you hire a good DUI attorney to represent you in the case. Secondly, you might want to agree to do whatever the court requires of you, such as completing an alcohol class or purchasing SR-22 insurance. Your lawyer might also suggest petitioning the court for a provisional driver's license. A provisional license lets you drive to certain places, but it limits where you can go. It is better than nothing if you happen to lose your license.

If you would like legal advice about your situation, contact a law firm that specializes in DUI cases. They can help you learn your options and create a plan to get your driver's license back faster. Contact a local DUI lawyer to learn more.