3 Types Of Payments To Include In A Truck Accident Claim

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Filing a claim after a truck accident enables the court to punish the wrongdoer for injuring you. The judge will also order them to compensate you for the financial loss resulting from the accident. You're entitled to different payments, depending on your injuries and damages.

However, you will only receive the payments you've indicated in your claim application. Otherwise, the court might not consider claims submitted later. Because of that, you'll want a truck accident lawyer's guidance to ensure that you include all your damages in the application. Typically, your lawyer will advise you to seek compensation for the following damages.

A Payment to Cover Your Medical Expenses

Injuries sustained in a truck accident can be a few cuts and bruises in a minor accident. However, a tragic crash can cause life-threatening injuries. Some injuries are instantly identifiable, while others may manifest in the future. Whether your injuries are minor, major, or hidden, you need compensation to cover the treatment expenses. 

Your lawyer should request that you get a medical examination after the truck car collision. The physician's report provides a clear picture of how deep your injuries are. It also shows the costs incurred for the treatment and medication, which the attorney included in the claim application. 

A Payment for the Loss of Income

Some victims lose their earning capacity after an accident. Of course, you'll be absent from work during the hospitalization period. Besides, the absent days could increase if your doctor recommends therapy and follow-up sessions to monitor your health condition. As a result, your wages might be drastically reduced. 

The good news is that you recover lost wages through compensation. In this case, your attorney gathers evidence to prove that your injuries have impaired or diminished your ability to earn a livelihood.

A Payment for Non-Economic Damages

Accident victims experience various non-economic damages. For instance, you may undergo physical pain from bodily injuries and mental suffering due to the incident's trauma. Additionally, some people experience depression due to a loss of working ability and enjoyment of life. These issues can cause devastating consequences and may require treatment. Therefore, your lawyer will demonstrate the non-economic damages you've undergone and demand compensation for them.

The payments discussed above are crucial, but your truck accident lawyer can include others depending on your situation. Compensation for all the damages resulting from the accident ensures that you live comfortably again since you'll have the finances to cater to your needs.